Moving to University for the first time can often be a daunting time for many students. From not knowing what to pack to worrying that you’ve forgotten something, the transition from home to student accommodation can be a stressful one. This is why the University of Bristol has decided to partner with Pattersons in order to provide our students with a range of comprehensive, great value for money Student Room Packs.

Specifically designed for university students, our extensive range of student starter sets covers all the bases for student accommodation supplies. Our wide selection of Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen Packs range from basic to deluxe student starter kit options options, and include everything needed to make our students feel at home. We also sell uni starter packs which are especially useful for students arriving from overseas, such as the Rice Cooker & Wok Kitchen Pack, while our Cleaning Packs offer huge savings on cleaning supplies uni essentials.

Saving you time, effort, and money, our range of Student Packs are the best way to get everything you need for your new life at the University of Bristol.